Special Paper Sessions

Call for special session proposals

In addition, Proposals for Special Sessions are welcomed. Prospective organizers of special sessions should submit proposals indicating:

o   Title of the proposed session;

o   Motivation and objectives of the session, emphasizing the benefits for PHM 2018 – Chongqing;

o  Short biography of the organizer (up to two) with complete address, and additional contact information;

o   List of at least 6-8 prospective papers with titles, coauthors, and contact information of corresponding authors;

o   Submission to a special session must be reviewed by the session organizer(s) and the conference's Review Group.

Special session ( updated dynamically ) :

o   PHM in big data era

o   PHM for rail transportation

o   PHM for Energy System

o   PHM for Special Vehicles

o   Modeling, detection and estimation of incipient faults using statistical-based signal processing methods or deep learning

o   PHM for artificial intelligence and its application to safety maintenance

o   Sparse representation for fault diagnosis

o   PHM for Space Mechanism

o   PHM for for Gears




Organizers and sponsors for the conferences: